Cafe Chaiwala London set to open by Arshad Khan Chaiwala

Cafe Chaiwala London

“From Tea Leaves to Trendsetting: Arshad Khan Chaiwala From Islamabad to London

Cafe Chaiwala London


Following the establishment of his own brand of Rooftop Cafè in Islamabad, Arshad has distinguished himself as a quietly self-assured businessman. Khan also mentioned his plans to open Cafè Chaiwala locations across Pakistan in an interview with ARY’s Bakhabar Savera.


Khan’s next business endeavor is international after opening his own restaurant in Islamabad! The well-known chaiwala is getting ready to launch his own chai cafe in London


Arshad Khan, the most popular chai wala in Pakistan, announced his first café location in London, marking another significant accomplishment.

Cafe Chaiwala London

By the end of this year, the former chaewala from Islamabad who founded his own rooftop café there called “Café Chai Wala” will launch its first café location in London. Arshad Khan, one of 17 siblings, worked as a tea vendor in a dhaba in the nation’s capital.

When Jiah Ali, a budding photographer, took shots of him in 2016 and uploaded one of the images on Instagram with the phrase “Hot tea,” his life was forever altered. Fortunately, the image spread quickly, and within a day he was known as “chai-wala” online.

Cafe Chaiwala London

Now, Khan shared the good news on Facebook with the statement, “‘Strength and growth come only through continuous effortCafe Chaiwala will Insha Allah open its first café outlet in London end of this year.” Khan had hoped to open the cafe in London.

His post was positively welcomed by social media users, and many commended him and understood his struggle:

We wish him the best of luck with his new endeavor to create a worldwide location under the name Chai Wala and we invite people to visit the café to experience some desi chai vibes with some ethnic interior design.

In the United Kingdom (UK), Arshad Khan Chaiwala intends to open 10 locations for his Cafè Chaiwala.

Arshad has now declared that he will open a chai shop in London as well. Arshad recently announced the launch of a Cafè Chaiwala shop in London along with a photo of himself on his official Facebook page.

The well-known chaiwala is getting ready to launch his first chai shop in London! Arshad Khan to Open His ‘Cafe Chaiwala’ Outlet in London.


Cafe Chaiwala official Facebook page

Arshad Khan Chaiwala

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