About us

The goal of Chaewala is to expand knowledge throughout the world.
There are limits to the amount of knowledge that can be recorded, yet a lot of it still isn’t.
It is either hidden in people’s minds or only available through the correct connections.
In order to better understand one another, we want to bring together those who have information and those who need it. We also want to enable everyone to share their knowledge with others, so that everyone can benefit from each other’s expertise.

Major life decisions, provide insight into why people see the world differently, explain current global events.
On Chaewala, you can post questions that are important to you and get answers from people who have had similar experiences.

Experts can freely share their knowledge.

Humanity has transmitted information through stories ever since the first people sat around a fire and looked up at the stars.
In Spaces, innovators can reach millions of people with their original thoughts or just a few hundred with their specialised knowledge.

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